Study visit of Përmet artisans in Kruja

IMG 488910 artisans who benefited of the Seed Grants, together with employees of the Municipality in charge for cultural affairs and tourism development from Përmet visited Kruja on 16th -18th April 2015. The aim of the visit was to introduce the group to recent development of handicrafts in Kruja, their organisation and relation with the municipality and other local actors in the area. One of the meetings with artisans of copper, wood, embroidery, wool, and many more, was the one with the Association of Kruja Bazaar Merchandise. This newly established structure sparked interest for Përmet artisans strengthening even more the idea of creating a peculiar bazaar in Përmet.

An important meeting was organized in the city hall of Kruja by Vice Mayor and senior administration staff. Among two cities exist links and recognition, but from an institutional perspective there could be more cooperation because cities are similar in their development features.

The visits in two museums of the city, the George Kastrioti and Ethnographic Museum, on the National Cultural Heritage Day, marked the closing of the study visit. Gathering, collection and nice presentation of art and tradition of centuries in a museum of regional level, was seen as an important asset which municipality of Përmet should have.

Origins of handcraft in both cities are in early centuries.

Përmeti is known for quack, merchants, guilds and talented craftsmen, who masterfully produced objects very much demanded by the market. Distinguished are steel, copper, stone wood works, famous embroiders and masters of gold and silver, tinkers, etc. The area and even specific villages have certain crafts tradition like Malëshova of Mbrezhdan known for copper works; area of Rrëza as lumbermen; village of Koblara for masons; Munushtir and Kaludh for charcoal burners; Badlonja, Kutal and Kosina for working; Upper Bodar i Sipërm for lime producers; Përmet and Dishnica as specialists for producing marmalade, wine and raki.

Përmeti stands for diverse ethnographic richness including craft products, artistic products, folk costumes, customs, traditions and rare folklore.

While Kruja is referred to the development of handicrafts, agriculture and livestock. With the increasing development of craftsmanship and cutting of currencies, the skills rose further in some special branches as: work of clay vessels, wooden benches with fine ornaments. This led to the development of handicrafts initially in Albanopolis (Zgërdheshi today) and later in Kruja and in the development of handicrafts or exchange with other cities in development of trade mainly with coastal cities like Durres, Lezha, etc. Gradually the local market increased by handicrafts products as jewellery, wood, copper work, alabaster, embroidery, carpets, traditional characteristic clothing, etc., bringing the augmentation of handicrafts stores.

Domestic and foreign tourist visit Kruja every day, where are over 80 trade and craft stores. While Përmeti has only a handicrafts shop, which is enriched day to day with diverse products and presents traditions of the city to domestic and foreign visitors. This is the reason why, with no doubt, artisans and staff of Përmet Municipality learned a lot from the study visit and benefited from the best experiences of Kruja.


The visit it was realized in the frame of the project: “Rural Inclusive Social Economic Opportunities” funded by Italian-Albanian Debt for Development Swap Program (IADSA) and implemented by Municipality of Përmet in partnership with Cesvi and Milieukontakt Albania. 




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