Live the tradition in Përmet

  •  On September 12-13, 2014 it was organized “Festa Përmetare 2014", a festival  which gave echo to this small but very attractive town,         rich in natural      landscape,  history, tradition, culture and culinary art. This festival was an  initiative undertaken     by the municipality of Përmet and  CESVI aiming to promote    t he district, tradition, food, crafts, music, and its  cultural and natural potentialities.
  •  The festival was a combination of local traditions:    dishes, arts&crafts and  typical  agro-food products of Pro Permet        Consortium. Music and songs of polyphonic group of Përmet city and the voice of the well-known city singer, Vaskë Curri, created a festive           atmosphere in the first evening. The Festival included as well activities designed       specifically for children: the first evening kids were invited to join in the park and hear under stars stories and tales for Përmet. It was a chance to discover tradition and history of the city that is very rich with        culture. On the second day, kids had the chance         to have fun drawing symbols or landscapes      of the city raising their interest on tradition as well as on the beautiful nature of the         area. Moreover, six videos prepared           by 14 youth and      women of the District of Përmet were presented in the evening of the first day focusing on: eco-tourism development,         youth entrepreneurship in Përmet, natural and cultural values of the valley.
  • The festival was a good occasion for the community to come together and to remember values of the district, and served as an opportunity to present Përmet as a destination full of potentialities and touristic attractions.
  • Festa Përmetare was organised in the frame of Rise Op project (Rural inclusive of socio economic opportunities) funded by IADSA program. The project aims to contribute and sustain social and economic inclusion of most vulnerable groups especially of rural women and unemployed youth in disadvantaged areas by raising their          capacities and skills in the field of arts&crafts and tourism services and through          institutional and financial support for starting new entrepreneurships in respective fields.
  • In a short period of time, were raised capacities on embroidery, straw works, stone and wood carving, copper works and pyrography, and was created the team of local guides able to present touristic attractions of the area.
  • Many products were bought                 by domestic and foreign tourists present in the city. Some of the tourists were in Përmet by coincidence and some came by        purpose. Sales gave incentives to local       artisans to produce qualitative products, improving quality of their life and creating new           employment opportunities in the area. The festival was closed with the rhythms of music and         dances of citizens of Përmet until late hours of the evening, even though the rain had started.

Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




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