Active community for gender budgeting in Përmet Municipality

Milieukontakt International, Albania


On March 3th, 2016 Milieukontakt Albania in cooperation with Përmet municipality organized an open public meeting focused on gender mainstreaming into budgeting participation process. Gender responsive budget it is a new method applied during drafting of the budget and helps municipality in planning of the services on gender basis and in implementation of the future policies and programs that stimulate gender equity.

The meeting was organized at the municipality premises in the presence of 50 citizens, with the representation of men and women, boys and girls. Present in the meeting were vice mayor, chair of the City Council, members of the City Council, head of finances, lawyer and public service officers in the municipality.

The meeting was opened by the Director of Milieukontakt Albania Mrs. Valbona Mazreku who made a presentation on the current work that Milieukontakt has done with the community and municipality staff on gender participatory budgeting supported by UN Women.

In her speech, vice Mayor Mrs. Etleva Kreci presented the financial situation in the municipality of Përmet as very difficult. Territorial reform has also created delays and uncertainty in managing and delegating of the responsibilities. But the municipality staff together with the new Mayor will providemore quality services for the city of Përmet.

Head of Finance, Mrs. Etleva Meta presented in a transparent way the municipality budget planned for 2016, bringing into attention real percentages and values for the budget lines distributed in various areas as needed.

Throughout the meeting, citizens discussed, raised questions and suggested ideas for the work of the municipality in the future. Among the suggestions made and subsequently engaged by the Municipality staff can be mentioned:

  • Provision of a fund by the municipality for restoring the club near the cinema of the city into a center for third age groupfrequented area by women and men.
  • Provision of an aid package and dormitory facilities for residence for the victims of domestic violence.
  • Including a social worker in the municipal structure for 2016 to assist vulnerable groups.
  • Construction of a playground for children as part of the center of the city to provide entertainment to the children of different ages.
  • Increase security for women and girls in areas without lighting in the city, taking measures for replacement of lamps that will be removed from the city center which is under reconstruction and placing them in neighborhoods and problematic areas. Municipality has also set a schedule for switching on and off lamps to ensure a better management of electricity.
  • Part of the 2016 budget is waste cleaning of the Valley Vjosa of. While resolving and management of the waste requires huge funds and Municipality is lobbying to the government and foreign donors.
  • 24-hour supply of drinking water is a priority of the Municipality for 2016. Currently the main pipe of the drinking water network are laid parallel with the reconstruction of the city center.

Përmet Municipality staff and the public participated in the meeting showed a high level of civic responsibility. At the meeting were addressed discussions and problems that the community have as priorities, targeting those that have a direct impact on women. In the future, the municipality must consider as a priority the women's involvement because over the years they have been disadvantaged from the services that municipality offer for the community.This was the second year that the municipality of Përmet organizes public meetings before approval of the budget.

The aim of gender budgeting process developed in Përmet by Milieukontakt Albania is to increase awareness of public and municipal staff to improve public services and achieving gender equality at local level.

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