Local budget in Permet Municipality responds to community needs

UN Women has published an article describing the stories of citizens who have found solutions addressing their concerns in public meetings organized for gender responsive budgeting in the municipality of Fier, Berat and Permet. One of the success stories that has been resolved in open public meetings organized by Milieukontakt and the Municipality of Përmet on gender responsive budgeting is that of Ligor.

Ligor is one of 100,000 disabled people living in Albania, addressed at a meeting the lack of disability access in public buildings and services in his hometown. Përmet municipal authorities acted quickly. The municipality subsequently asked all public institutions to build disability access ramps and will follow up with the private sector, banks and other institutions to do the same.


This small investment is important for us people with disabilities to feel independent and be able to easily access public buildings, said Ligor.


Gender-responsive budgeting aims to ensure that local policies, programs and budgets address the needs of social groups, including women and men, girls and boys with disabilities. The active involvement of the public is one of the goals that Milieukontakt want to achieve through these meetings in the last two years working with the Municipality of Përmet.

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