The current situation of Waste Management in Shijak Municipality

Management Plan of urban waste for Municipality of Shijak brought together on Friday, 20th May 2016, in the Culture Palace of the city around 30 regional and local actors. This plan was drafted by the Municipality of Shijak and the expertise of Milieukontakt Albania with the support of dldp programme.

The purpose of this plan is to present a clear approach of policies for waste management at the local level, towards a   more complete harmonization and comprehensive interests and common positions among different stakeholders for a sustainable waste management.


Efforts so far to address this issue were not reconciled, fragmented and inefficient. Municipality ofShijak now includes an expanding territory with urban and rural areas, with different management systems and the lack of service in the whole territory. Problem is closely related to the lack of appropriate instruments, lack of technology, investment and insufficient capacity in human and financial resources. Recently, the number of population has been increasing and municipality in some areas of the city faces the inability to cover it with containers, while in other administrative units there is lack of containers. The presence of waste in containers, causing problems of environmental pollution, causing odours in the surrounding areas, needs to be completed with awareness rising of residents and businesses on waste issues. Hence, in the meeting were presented the findings from the survey conducted with 200 families and 60 businesses from the four administrative units. This survey confirms once again that there is a big gap (60. 6% of interviewers) in informing and raising awareness of local citizens on their behaviour towards environment. 28% of households are willing to accept an increase of the cost for improvement of the service and change their behaviour. 43. 2% of business interviewers support the idea of waste separation at source.

Participants were also introduced with the trend of waste generation by various waste fractions for the next 5 years based on data and standards set in the NPWM.

The last part of the meeting where it was presented the economy and cleaning service funding generated debates and discussions. 9% of the 2016 budget of the municipality it is occupied by this service, ranking it as the second priority in the list of municipal objectives for the current year. However, planning shows that this service is provided under the costs. Who will pay the difference and how it will be this distributed in the coming years through municipal social policy it remain as important challenges and issues which will be addressed in this management plan.

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  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

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