Milieukontakt Albania sharing positive experience on the occasion of 20th anniversary of World Bank in Albania.

TIRANA, October 5, 2012— On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the World Bank Group activity in Albania, the World Bank Office in Tirana organized a conference to celebrate the long partnership with Albania. The conference took stock of the many-folded contribution of the World Bank to the country’s economic, human, and institutional progress. Present there were Prime Minister, members of the cabinet, project beneficiaries, representatives from the private sector, civil society, media, development partners, etc.
Participants in the conference pointed out that common successes are many and joint policy work has been critical to the successful transformation of the country in terms of financial sector development, business environment, and economic management. The constructive cooperation of the World Bank with successive governments and all the stakeholders, the impact of the financed projects for sustainable growth in its road towards EU integration.
Speakers of different panels in the conference commended key World Bank projects which had strong developmental impact and affected positively the life of the people in the countryside and the towns, students in school, vulnerable groups, farmers, private sector, etc. From the investment perspective, there have been obtained countless visible results.
Last panel was dedicated to partnership of World Bank with Civil Society Sector. Milieukontakt Albania shared its positive experience working with the project Lake Shkodra Integrated Ecosystem Management.. Among others Valbona Mazreku, general manager of Milieukontakt Albania thanked World bank for the iniciative to include CSOs in monitoring and supervising programs as partner that not only bring new insights but increases proactive participation of stakeholders. She invited other organisations and institutions to foreseen in their future program such partnership in order to gurantee sustainability of the programs.

Presentation Event of Inter-Local Strategic Plan of the Vjosa Valley

This event came as a concluding activity of the assistance provided to local government by the OSCE Presence in Albania, supporting nine Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Vjosa Valley in conducting a participatory Inter-Local planning exercise. A team of experts, Rrezearta Ago and Enea Hoti, facilitated a series of workshops and consultation meetings between nine target LGUs and other stockholders working in their area helping them to define a jointly common vision, common strategic directions, objectives and projects. The process was realized with wide community participation based on Green Agenda methodology.

The event was moderated by Mr. Gilberto Jace, Mayor of Përmet Municipality was greeted by H.E. Mr. Eugen Wollfarth, Head of OSCE Presence in Albania, Mr. Marko Leidekker, Head of Council of Europe Office in Tirana, Mr. Ylli Asllani, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Local Government Issues, Mr. Klodian Pajuni, General Director of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports.

This event aimed to promote the document as a tool to attract donor support for various priority projects and also to promote Inter-Local Strategic Planning Process as a good practice to be followed by other LGUs and to be further delivered by other donors.

A very special moment of the event was the signing of the Statement for the Implementation of the Strategic Plan by 9 LGU Mayors.
In addition, a Promotional Fair of Traditional Products was organized with OSCE Presence in Albania assistance to promote the culinary and touristic resources of the area.

Regulation and Monitoring Plan for Waste Management in Qender Commune, Vlora

In the frame of the project “Supporting government to ensure compliance with internationally accepted Good Governance standards for environmental protection and anti corruption” supported by OSCE in Albania, Milieukontakt Albania organized first introductory meeting of the process, for drafting Waste Regulation and a Monitoring Plan, for the local authorities and other stakeholders in Qender Commune.
The project is a follow up of the discussions held with local representatives in 5 districts of Albania: Berat, Kukes, Peshkopi, Vlore and Himar for presenting the new legislation on integrated Waste management and a thorough analyze of the needs in all LGUs.
In the meeting were present mayors of 11 villages, representatives from public institutions and owner of the cleaning company. Participants were introduced with the initiative for drafting a regulation on waste management as a standard for good governance and as a vanguard of other processes undertaken by Vlora Qark (feasibility study for constructing a regional landfill in Vlora and other interregional cooperation programs).
The initiative was fully supported by local stakeholders that showed commitment to provide detailed information on the situation in their villages and to give recommendations for drafting a practical regulation and monitoring plan for waste management in the commune. “It is the first time that such initiative is involving and taking into consideration our opinions for the waste management in an integrated way” – said mayor of the village Babice e vogel.

Conference on “Public Private Partnership in Waste Recycling Sector in Albania

At Hotel Tirana International was held a Conference on “Public Private Partnership in Waste Recycling Sector in Albania". This conference was organized by EPER Center, Milieukontakt Albania, and EKOLEVIZJA Center aiming to strengthen cooperation between local government, recycling companies and pickers (mainly roma community). In the meeting were present vice minister of environment, representatives of ministry of public works and transport, Tirana and Korca Municipalities, environmental NGOs and recycling businesses. 

Meeting was moderated by Valbona Mazreku, which underlined that we should not only narrow the problem to recycling of was but see it in full picture – integrated waste management.
In his speech Mr. Bino presented legal documents prepared by MoEFWA for addressing integrated waste management. Recently Ministry is preparing a DCM for waste separation at source. He also underlined the importance of setting good standards for collection and transport of waste too. According to a study done by EPER Center in Tirana 90% of the roma community are part of the waste collection chain.
Tirana Municipality as a main actor in the integrated waste management for Tirana is considering, as a very hot issue, the real opportunity for strengthening Sharra Landfill.
At the end, based on the discussions, were formulated a set of recommendations to be addressed to respective institutions in a second phase.

Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




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