Environmental Organizations reach out to their Communities

Long Term Objective of the Project:

To develop a strong and democratically organized environmental NGO movement in Albania; to the extent that they are highly visible in society, able to raise public awareness, playing an important role in policy- and decision making.

Short Term Objectives of the Project:

  • NGOs understand strategil action planning and are able to execute campaigns, thereby gaining local commitment and raising the level of cooperation with local government,
  • NGOs are able to make effective use of different media ensuring their cooperation with each other and with their national government,
  • networks of NGOs working on common issues are established and are able to put environmental issues on the political agenda.

Main Activities

1. Local and Regional Activities

  • Development of a trainers group and trainers curriculum.

Milieukontakt will train a new team of trainers during the course of the project. Young NGO members will be identified among the NGOs and will follow a more intensive training-of-trainers program. Two trainers manuals will be prepared and pre-tested during the project period.

  • Assistance to NGOs The NGOs executing local actions, activities and campaigns will be assisted throughout the project by a Team of Counselors.
  • Regional trainings

Preceding the start of the local actions and campaigns executed by the NGOs, Milieukontakt will organize trainings for the participating NGOs on planning and executing an action, a campaign and environmental education program in their community.

  • Regional networks and meetings will be organized for participating NGOs in the project in order to exchange experiences and formulate common NGO positions that can be communicated to decision makers in the region.
  • Local actions, campaigns and EE programs

The core of the project will be the concrete activities of local NGOs. The local activities of NGOs will focus on a local action during the first year, a local campaign during the second year and setting up an environmental education program during the third one.

2. National Network Activities

  • Working group on Environmental Education and development of EE kit.

Milieukontakt carried out a state of the art report on environmental education (EE). It identified organizations and institutions active or responsible for EE and sorted out the legal and institutional framework for developing EE in Albania. Milieukontakt will form a working group of experts and NGO members on EE that will coordinate the development of an EE-kit.

  • Training and study visit on EE for NGOs

The prepared kit will be presented during a national training in which NGOs can become familiar with the kit and how to use it.

During the project course a study visit will be organized to the Netherlands in order to make NGO acquainted with the varies method and approaches in EE in practice, both in and out of school.

  • Development of national EE policy

The EE working group will form the core of a national platform of NGOs and specialists on EE. A strategy plan will be developed by the EE working group, which will form the basis for a national EE policy plan that should be developed in cooperation with the relevant authorities and institutions.

3. ICT, communication and Legal Assistance

  • NGO Newsletter

As a continuity of the first program Milieukontakt will support the issuing of national NGO Newsletter “Mjedisi Sot” published by REC. Active members from NGOs all over the country will be trained in writing articles in a journalistic manner and will write articles about environmental and NGO issues in their region.

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The ICT working group that was set up during the previous project will start to produce their first web-site pages for the environmental movement and will organize trainings for NGOs.

  • Legal assistance for NGOs

Milieukontakt will assist a legal NGO to make and realize plans for establishing a legal service center for citizens and NGOs. Milieukontakt will provide this center with seed money so they can provide legal assistance and support to NGOs and to the different project parts, such as the legal provisions connected to the national campaigns.

4. General Support and Assistance

  • National level

Milieukontakt will have a clearinghouse function both for Albanian organizations as well as for individuals and organizations outside the region interested in co-operation with Albania. NGOs are helped to disseminate information on the activities they are working on. Milieukontakt will support the fund raising activities of the NGOs and networks it cooperates with.

  • International activities and assistance

Milieukontakt will stay in direct contact with players in the international field that have a similar role in Albania. Where possible Milieukontakt will advocate for the position and interests of Albanian NGOs and actively involve NGOs that participate in the project into such events and networks.





Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




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