Gender responsive planning and budgeting of social services at local level

 The project (Dec 2014- March,2015) supported by United Nations Entity for Gender  Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) aims to make use of  assessment of  municipalities policies/ programmes on social services and budgets  from  gender  perspective and provides recommendations for improving their  gender  responsive  for  change in policies/programmes and budget within municipality. Thus  encourage  lobbing  and monitoring of municipal policies/social services from gender  equity  perspective.

 The methodology will ensure achievement of the objective for effective cooperation  between  local government, civil society and citizens of Permet and Kelcyra for a better  policy and  budgetary decision at a local level which address the needs of women and  man.


Specific Objectives of the Assignment

  • identify and analyse key social services and policies including respective budgets from a gender perspective;
  • provide concrete policy and budget recommendations for improving their gender responsiveness;




      Research on GRB data on both municipalities - An overview of current availability of sex disaggregated data to support the analysis and provide a deep gender analysis of local social services and respective budgets targeted;


      Training and coaching -Training sessions in Permet and Kelcyra will be organized for the municipality employ, city councilor and citizens, on GRB topic how to encourage women’s more active participation in meetings; on facilitations skills which would allow the facilitators to elicit better feedback from the audience and on lobby and advocacy for citizens on how to promote more equal participation of women and men in the ad hoc central commission. Coaching for municipal facilitators and other staff of municipality preparing on public meetings for local budget.


      Awareness campaign - A media campaign on the GRB process, in which the municipality stressed the importance of equal participation of women and men of all adult age will be undertaken. Through the local TV, newspapers, social media tools and flyers the municipalities will not only inform citizens about town hall meetings but at the same time raised awareness about the process and the importance of participation.


      Public meetings - Two public meetings will be organised in each municipality during the budget discussion securing active participation of women and girls in order to include their views and concerns in local decision-making.


     StandardsIntegrated gender budget. Development of a calendar of actions on next year public meetings to help local citizens (especially excluded groups) to get information on local policies and ideally enable them to participate in the decision making process.




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