Together for green communes in the whole country


The main idea of the project is to show success and results of a participatory green agenda approach that was applied in Albanian reality in 3 relatively modest communes (Preza, Dajci and Voskopoja) and with relatively modest means, and to underline with concrete activities that are in line with sustainable development of the selected communes that such process and results are applicable throughout the country and can lead to concrete visible and inspiring results for all stakeholders concerned.


The project aims are:

  • To coordinate joint activities on local level for promoting good governance and environmental clean up;
  • To share experiences, ideas and information within the National Platform, between those involved in the GA project in Albania, including collection of information in one physical or e-space;
  • To form a sustainable National Platform that can support or initiate new initiatives on Green Agenda;
  • To promote the unified manual that can provide methodological support to new Green Agenda initiatives in Albania;


Main activities:

1. Promotion of National Platform
A National Platform composed of 8 people is acting as nucleus for promoting Green Agenda as a successful process for realizing sustainable development on the country level. The platform is an informal network and has as short term goal – gathering of all experiences and come to a model for presentation and promotion in other communes. In order to fulfill goals, activities and be better structured it needs a secretariat that will facilitate communication among members and will lobby for raising funds for the implementation of strategic documents, already approved in commune councils.


2. National Conference on presentation of Green Agenda Manual
Green Agenda Platform is working on preparing a national manual on the process: Steps undertaken, experiences, successes and bottlenecks encountered. The manual will serve as a guide for other interested communes or municipalities to start a Green Agenda process.


3. GA in Practice – joint activities combined with open day in each commune
In order not to create abstract view of the process local organizations in cooperation with local authorities will organize open day in each commune, inviting 3 neighboring communes around each actual commune to pay a visit and see and experience themselves the whole process. From the other side will be organized small local actions for raising public awareness on environmental issues. Type of joint activities will be – environmental education in school level accompanied with cleaning up activities around natural values of the area.




Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




Sharing Network


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