Rural Inclusive Social & Economic Opportunities (RISE-OP)

Milieukontakt International Albania is implementing the project: “Rural Inclusive Social & Economic Opportunities (RISE-OP)” financially supported by the grant of the Debt for Development Swap Agreement (IADSA) in the framework of the Italian-Albanian Development Cooperation Programme. The project is implemented in Permet District in close cooperation with Permet Municipality and CESVI.
Overall objective of the project is to contribute and sustain social and economic inclusion of most vulnerable groups especially of rural women and unemployed youth in disadvantaged areas.
The goal of the project is to specially combat against emigration, create economy, job opportunities and new entrepreneurship for unemployed: rural women and youth without appropriate education and professional skills, without possibility to find a job. At the same time the project will promote and use potential local resources of the Pёrmet area (natural, cultural heritage and agricultural resources) in order to revitalize and valorise arts, crafts and agro-eco tourism, enhancing capacities and access of target groups in local economy within the District.
The project will also build upon existing structures, like Pro Përmet Consortium, in order to enlarge consortium and marketing all over the country. The purpose of the consortium is to promote and market the territory through a quality brand mark of origin. Rural women and youth entrepreneurs that will be joining the consortium will benefit from financial contributions (seed grants), technical assistance (vocational training, practice on the job, etc.) marketing and networking.

Specific Project Objectives:
1. To increase competencies of rural women and unemployed youth in Përmet District on arts, crafts and tourism services.

In collaboration with beneficiaries the project includes a component of vocational training in tourism services (hotel, guesthouse, bar, restaurant, reception, local guides) and, in arts and crafts skills (stone and wood curving, pyrography, embroidery, copper handicrafts, straw works and traditional clothes). These skills are the instruments to better access the target groups in labour market. Target groups that will attend the vocational training will be certified and supported to develop business action plans for establishing new entrepreneurship and their marketing.

2. To improve economic conditions of rural women and unemployed youth through new entrepreneurship.

Target groups trained will be financially supported through seed grants to establish new entrepreneurship (in artisan and tourism services). To promote, enhance and sell new local products and services, the Përmet Municipality will establish the first artisan shop within Përmet multifunctional centre. The shop will aim to increase number of tourists buying local products, strengthen Pro Përmet Consortium branding and indirectly increase access to market for target groups entrepreneurs.

One of the main outputs of the project is establishment of new entrepreneurship of rural women and young people on artisan and tourism services. There is evidence of such sporadic services throughout the area but still there is no data available on the involvement of rural women and young people. In the start of the project will be developed a mapping analysis for artisans and tourism services sectors in the Vjosa valley, to better understand local dynamics and socio - economic resources.




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