The Milieukontakt vision and strategy on support on network development is extensively described in the booklet: “Albanian environmental movement in European context”. Networks can be described as horizontal exchange, information and power structures which can be supported and coordinated but not controlled. In our vision a network support structure should be serving and merit its position through the respect and support of the members. Ekolevizja in Albania has gained this respect and is mandated by its members to represent and take the lead in national campaigns. It gained this position through the support the network gives, the transparency in its reciprocal communication with its members and the respect for the organization from parties outside the network. Ekolevizja puts a lot of effort in communication within the network. Supporting networks means to create an atmosphere of inspiration, mutual support and transparent communication between members. Through the neutral position of Milieukontakt it is also possible to support organizations who are for one or other reason no member of Ekolevizja within support programs.


There are many ways an environmental movement can develop. To a large extent, this is connected to the financial basis of the movement. There is a big difference between a country like The Netherlands where the environmental organizations started to develop with financial support from businessmen and land owners, later taken over by private supporters, now around 4 million, (Vara Vroege Vogels 2010 supporters list) and government support.


In many countries the organizations are mainly financed by foreign donors. There is a small membership base and hardly any support from the local or national government. Although different, many civil society networks on environment have similar characteristics. Milieukontakt developed a practical theory on the support of environmental networks using these characteristics.




Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




Sharing Network


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